Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DAM FUNK - Burgundy City

DAM FUNK - Burgundy City (Stones Throw US) Comentários: Damn funky work from Dam Funk -- an enigmatic Stones Throw signing with a crisp electric feel! "Burgundy City" has a mellow steppers feel that's totally great -- basslines dipping around the bottom with a slightly restless feel -- topped by keyboards that are somewhat sprightly, but a bit off-kilter too -- a nicely odd take on an early 80s groove! "Galactic Fun" is a bit more upbeat and straightforward, but pretty great too -- almost an electro club groover, ala Cosmic mode! in dusty groove [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Buy]

Monday, July 07, 2008

BUDAMUNKY - Mokstrumentals Vol 1

BUDAMUNKY - Mokstrumentals Vol 1 (Jazzy Sport Japan) Comentários: "New B.E.A.T EP by Budamunky, already known for his collaboration with C.R.A.C Knuckles a.k.a Ta'raach & Blu.He's already delivered beats for Mitsu the beats's group Gagle and won the MPC2000 Live battle in Tokyo this year. 9 laidback hiphop tracks on this 12"! in rushhour". "9 instrumentals inspired by J Dilla, Sa-Ra, Georgia and the likes, winner of MPC2000 Battle in Tokyo and Gold Finger’s Kitchen 2008, one of the most rated beatmakers in japan, limited edition! in" [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Buy]

KATALYST - What's Happening

KATALYST - What's Happening (BBE) Comentários: Katalyst’s new album ‘What’s Happening’ is the much anticipated follow up to the great ‘manipulating agent’ and it features a massive all star special guest lineup which includes talent from all over the globe - Katie Noonan (George), Mat McHugh (Beautiful Girls) , Adalita (Magic Dirt), Hau (Koolism), Stephanie McKay (US soul songstress), Diverse (US MC) and Steve Spacek (the future of soul music!). Previous album “Manipulating Agent” released in 2002 has gone on to sell 15000 copies here in Australia and nominated for an Aria Award, “Manipulating Agent” won Best Album and Best Producer at the 2002 Dance Music Awards. It was album of the week on JJJ and featured hits like “Fusion” and “Showtime”. The new album “Whats Happening” is a musical excursion through many different styles, brought together with Katalyst’s signature sound. Moving seamless though space-aged soul, hip hop, funk and rock, this project is truly diverse. in inertia [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Buy]

Sunday, July 06, 2008

VARIOUS - Elaste Vol 2

VARIOUS - Elaste Vol 2 (Compost Germany) Comentários: Finally available, double album selected by Tom Wieland named after the legendary German 80's fanzine Elaste. Great compilation featuring some rare electronic disco, space funk and other dance music oddities such as: Hippolytes - Blow You Out Tonight, Selection – Rebel On The Run, Jagg – Take Time, Panoptikum – Elaste, Alan Hawkshaw – The Speed Of Sound, Vulcans – Star Trek, LEB Harmony – Feeling Love, Ströer – Don’t Stay Till Breakfast, Zodiac – The Other Side Of heaven, Curt Cress – Sundance, Rufus & Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody (Halucinogenik Version). [electronic-disco] in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples]


FORCE OF NATURE - III (Mule Musiq Japan) Comentários: Big new Force Of Nature which is a sampler to the European CD release of their III album. "I-ight" is a Moroder-esque disco house bomb while "Kontinents" is in their typical cosmic style sounding like Vangelis, Tangerine dream on a dancefloor trip. Recommended. [cosmic-disco-house] in flexx [Para Ouvir/Samples]