Thursday, February 05, 2009

MOHAWKE, Hudson -Polyfolk Dance

MOHAWKE, Hudson - Polyfolk Dance (Warp) Comentários: With the increasingly crowded Wonky movement threatening to implode before it's even begun, Hudmo turns up with his much touted and long-awaited debut for the Warp imprint, featuring 6 impressively tight sequences from one of the more exciting producers of the moment. For our money the good stuff's buried away towards the end of the EP, starting off with B-Side opener 'Speed Stick', shoving the detuned synths way up in the mix with an edgy plucked vibe and nervous stop-start routine that you just about get used to when the track comes to an abrupt end. Just try and dance to that one homeboy. Next up - 'Velvet Peel' ushers in helium vocals for some multicoloured good times, before 'Yonard' ends the Ep with arguably it's finest moment, a rugged, antisocial beat pummels itself into a joyous cacophony before those trusted synths emerge from the mess to make some kind of sense of it all. It's loose, filthy, joyous next-level business and hopefully just the start of a beautiful relationship between Warp and one of its more exciting signees of recent times. Limited to a measly 400 copies only - act sharp!!!!! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

UNKOWN / THRILLER - BBQ Genie (Thriller)

UNKOWN / THRILLER - BBQ Genie (Thriller) Comentários: Oh yes, it's another anonymous transmission, and it's a goodun. Thriller is the fledgling, bespoke offshoot of a very well known label and features the work of key artists from the wonky/dubstep/bass scene. Making use of raw ingredients supplied by R&B, Disco and Hip Hop, the sound of the label lies somewhere between the malfunctioning wooziness of Rustie, the low-end sentience of Kode 9 and the smartarse plunderphonics of MF Doom. Series opener BBQ has already been causing quite a stir and comes to us from easily one of the most sought-after producers of the moment, flexing his inimitable muscle with a killer late night number that's one part Midnight funk and two parts bassline shocker. Flipside cut 'Genie' has its own tricks up its sleeve and comes from equally enigmatic quarters, employing a shifted R&B, 80's Disco spine only to self destruct in the most glamorous, heavy circumstances imaginable. Enough of standing in the corner nodding yr heads, Thriller are reclaiming the dancefloor. STRICTLY LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ONLY - ESSENTIAL PURCHASE! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]