Sunday, April 13, 2008

DJ Cam - 'gangsta shit'

Jay Haze - Keep it real

Take/Lukid - "Navigators"

Nightmare on wax - Les Nuits

Friday, April 11, 2008

ASPLUND, Kissey - Move Me

ASPLUND, Kissey - Move Me (Record Breakin US) Comentários: The second release on this hot new 7" series put together by DJ Junior comes from Sweden's answer to Erykah Badu, Kissey Asplund, who was born in 1982 and now lives in Malmoe. A side cut, 'Move Me' is an Asha Puthli styled vocal with a timeless feel, lush rhodes and reverbed guitar licks. A record for chilling in the park on a hot summers day - and one that we're tipping as one of the best soul tracks we've heard all year - while the B side '99 Bottles' with its killer scratch intro and super fat beat is chilled hip hop with beef - think Badu meets D.J. Premier)! Chicago MC Bless 1 provides the rap while Germany's Suff Daddy provides the production. Hot. in phonica [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

Thursday, April 10, 2008

RED - Fingerprints

RED - Fingerprints (Dealmaker) Comentários: Red made his initial musical forays as a drummer, before reinventing himself as a scratch musician. He is now an accomplished producer and turntablist in the midst of releasing his debut album Fingerprints, and taking scratch music to a new level with his band, Full Fat. Red grew up in the suburbs of London, and took up drumming aged 11. Two of his biggest musical influences were his younger brothers, who are now both seasoned session musicians. With his siblings, he grew up playing and recording music constantly, learning how to play guitar and work multi-track machines. He wrote and produced his own songs with a four-track, playing every instrument from the drums, guitar, bass, to the keys, developing his song writing and production skills. Such experiences afforded him an invaluable musical upbringing which aided him once he began exploring his interest in scratching. Without a sampler or looping machine, Red began producing layered turntable tunes with a multi-track – a process which forced him to develop a different way of thinking about the turntable. In 2002, Red spent a year in the Bay Area, California, an area renowned as a turntablist hot spot. During this year he was exposed to a new, cutting edge scratch movement spearheaded by Ricci Rucker, which impacted significantly on his artistic direction. Inspired, Red returned to England and began work immediately on what would become his debut album as well as his simultaneous release, the Seen EP. These works received praise from the leading figures in scratch music today, including Ricci Rucker, Mike Boo, D-Styles, and DJ Woody, plus Hip Hop aficionados from Grand Slam/Big Daddy Magazine. Red also formed a band upon his return from California. Full Fat became the live outlet for his turntable ideas as well as a brash style of writing that Red had explored with his Seen EP. Red made the turntable the lead instrument amongst synthesizers, guitars and drums, and the band's cohesive fusion of Rock, Electro, Hip Hop & Funk has meant they have enjoyed massive crossover appeal and are tipped for big things. Red continues to explore the potential of the turntable as an instrument with both electronic and acoustic instruments, and is currently working on numerous production projects, including the follow up to Fingerprints. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stones Throw Podcast 31

Stones Throw Podcast 31 MADLIB LIVE AT HELLA INTERNATIONAL This short DJ set from Madlib includes bits of new material including Beat Konducta 5 and his unreleased Madvillain remixes, spinning live at Hella International, Stones Throw’s yearly event at Miami’s Winter Music Conference. Special thanks to host Aloe Blacc and to Hella International’s presenter VTech Phones for allowing us to make this a free event.+ FREE ON ITUNES+ FREE AT WWW.STONESTHROW.COM