Saturday, May 24, 2008

NOBODY presents BLANK BLUE - Western Water Music Vol 2

NOBODY presents BLANK BLUE - Western Water Music Vol 2 (Ubiquity US) Comentários: Blank Blue is the surreal story of an Armageddon born out of a massive earthquake off the west coast of the United States and set sometime in the future. The quake triggers a separation of the west from the rest of the country, creating a whirlpool of devastation in its wake. Millions die. Thousands survive. Those that survive eventually sink and drown from the buckling lands, only to have scores of poison mushrooms waiting for them underneath the earth's masses, loosened from centuries old trees. The poisoned water gives them their first gasp, and miraculously they are able to and breathe and live underwater. The album tells the story from various points of views, from an all-knowing narrator, to a psychic fish that warns people via their dreams, to random characters who watch their loved ones drown or ask the others underwater how to find the ability to breathe. The confusion and sadness is balanced by the fascination of having to start everything all over again; learning how to breathe and swim etc. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

PANTS, James - Future Delight

PANTS, James - Future Delight (Stones Throw US) Comentários: On the A side, some incredible disco from James Pants, very much on a eighties The Clash meets 'cosmic boogie' tip with great drums and synths. The flip is more along spiritual jazz lines. Limited fanclub 45! Well Recommended. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]
De repente aparece um nome para isto: Freshbeat. Cruzamento de boogie, disco, rap, pós-punk, kraut, soul e electro, em «Welcome» tudo orquestrado por Pants, James. Toca guitarra, bateria, teclas e canta, nada de extraordinário no mundo moderno mas nem todos o conseguem fazer com credibilidsade old school como «Welcome» transmite em três tempos. A profusão de estilos compactados num único álbum não compromete de todo a fluidez nem a direcção estética da música e reforça a ideia de que no centro do hip hop enquanto cultura musical está uma curiosidade infinita por fragmentos de todo o universo. Ouvido treinado, sentido rítmico, reciclagem sábia e muitos anos a ouvir pop das charts. Peanut Butter Wolf acrescenta que Pants consome psicadelia dos 60s e electrónica dos 70s. Num registo quase nada hip hop, «Welcome» assemelha-se em espírito aos Majesticons de Mike Ladd, «Ka$h» talvez seja o melhor exemplo disso. Vai também buscar Gary Davis (Chocolate Star), lendário produtor disco-funk e mais tarde miami bass. É no entanto a loucura natural de um puto que devora música o que vemos em acção neste álbum, trabalho de amor, entusiasmo e talento natural numa editora em que essas características não faltam. Pants segue as pegadas de Madlib e Peanut Butter Wolf mas também deixa as suas em locais estratégicos onde se nota uma direcção diferente. Rock on!Clips de som deste disco e outros destaques em

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


BLAZE DEM/DISRUPT/JOHN FRUM/ROOTAH - Roots Defender (Jahtari Germany) Comentários: Finally out on lovely wax is our first ever Jahtari-12", "JAHTARIAN DUBBERS Vol. 1". Three heavy tunes from our upcoming label compilation album plus an exclusive and new cut of Rootah's "Holy Mount" appear here on this beautiful record. Every groove of it is filled to the max with deadly basslines, smashing delays and infinte deepness, just waiting to be discovered in full detail.The opener "Roots Defender" by Blaze Dem will already smash any sound system with ease. With an ultra-deep bassline, a killer hook and crazy sampling madness in Swedish this tune is sure to shake any floor. Disrupt follows in his unmistakable style with "Kozure Okami" on A2, paying tribute to old 70s Samurai movies and Black Ark alike. From cutting-edge FX action, full force low-end niceness to a wicked synthie solo - all's in there.The B-side starts off with John Frum's (aka Julien Neto) echo monster "January Dub". Soundscapes beyond words layered over these special drum and bass vibe that only our delay navigator is able to create are topped off with a big melody line that definitely will follow you in your dreams.Rootah is finishing this heavy wax with his smaher "Holy Mount Part 2" which is nothing else but pure blizz, as you will see. Tube tape echo machines are being set on fire over this extremely hypnotic mutation of the Drum Song riddim. Watch your speakers. The originaland pretty different version (Part 1) will appear on the full album compilation next.For the collectors (and ebay specialists) among you: the first 100 vinyls will get a cool hand-sprayed Jahtari logo (see below), so grab them quick before they go HERE! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

VARIOUS - Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up

VARIOUS - Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up (Honest Jon's) Comentários: After 18 months of 12" releases that completely blew our minds, Honest Jons finally compile their amazing lineup of Tony Allen remixes for this one mighty cd package. Reworkings from Basic Channel's Mark Ernestus and Mauritz Von Oswald head the lineup, with Mauritz delivering a Ten and a half minute basic channel classic, a mighty Steppers version that unfolds in textbook Rhythm & Sound style, using the deepest tools imaginable within that impossibly spacious, fuzzed-out environment that only Basic Channel ever seem to produce so effortlessly. Carl Craig, meanwhile, utilises all the dancefloor savvy and careful vocal manipulations marked out on his finest and most sought after remixes of the last few years, delivering a fierce drum edit as good as his classic remix for The Congos a few years back. We have a mighty soft spot for the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble reworking that's also featured here, we've been spinning it more or less endlessly since it was first released and everyone we play it to begs us for a copy. The Ensemble take on Tony Allen's "Losun" and come out sounding like a school brass band touched by pure genius. Hard to over-emphasise how good this is, for sure one of the best things on this excellent set. After further contributions from the likes of Diplo, Bonde Do Role, Wraeika Hill Sounds, Newham Generals, Son Palenque and Salah Ragab, you'll be left in no doubt that you're in the presence of one of the most exquisitely curated, brilliantly executed remix packages of the decade. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]