Friday, November 25, 2011

M'BOOM - Re Percussion (Think! Japan)

M'BOOM - Re Percussion (Think Japan) Comentários: A highly percussive little album – and the first-ever appearance of the M'Boom ensemble on record! You might know the group from their later fame under the guidance of Max Roach, but here the combo is a much more equally-assembled cast of players – featuring not just Roach, but percussionists Roy Brooks, Joe Chambers, Omar Clay, Freddie Waits, Richard Pablo Landrum, and Warren Smith! Given that lineup, you've got a group that represents the forefront of jazz and creative percussion work at the start of the 70s – and added to the mix is the ultimate freedom allowed by the Strata East label – which has the group really stretching out in these amazing ways! Things are never too free or outside, and there's always a nicely spiritual core to the record – but there is an incredible shift between percussive rhythms and melody – on instrumentation that includes vibes, tympani, xylophone, marimba, drums, and plenty of percussion – plus even and Indian flute too. And maybe coolest of all, there's even some saw, played by Omar Clay and Roy Brooks – used n a weird way that almost sounds electronic! Titles include "Heaven Sent", "Inner Passion", "Elements Of A Storm/Thunder & Wind", "Jihad Est Mort", and "Morning Noon Midday". via dusty groove. [Para Ouvir/Samples] [Buy Here]

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